Remote Controls

Remote controls cover a range of one button remote to full remote controls that can be used for controlling not only the z-wave devices but the TV and other I/R media in your home. The automation is limited to simple functions like on/off/dimming to standalone equipment or groups as well as functions that are accessible through device association like the light switching on/off depending on movement or presence.

Fibaro The Button

FIBARO Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus ...

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Sales price: 57,82 €
Sales price without tax: 46,63 €
Tax amount: 11,19 €

Z-Wave Panic Watch

With the Panic Watch you are able to send a message ...

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Sales price: 75,02 €
Sales price without tax: 60,50 €
Tax amount: 14,52 €

Z-Wave KEYFOB-C mini 4 Button Remote Control

The POPP KeyFob is a Z-Wave device that can both control ...

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Sales price: 57,30 €
Sales price without tax: 46,21 €
Tax amount: 11,09 €

Z-Wave Plus KeyFob

The Zwave plus Aeon Labs KeyFob is a Z-Wave Remote Control, ...

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Sales price without tax: 49,85 €
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