Any Home can easily become a Smart Home.  And nowdays, we ALL realize that a Smart Home is not a matter of luxury but, in our fast paced life, it is a matter of necessity.


MobileHome, aiming to change the way we interact with our environment and reduce our energy usage, introduces and promotes in the Greek Market the wireless Smart Home.zwave about250

In our e-shop you will find individual products as well as kits and bundles for every individual and every professional.

Now, anybody can monitor and control his home or office, without tampering with the existing cable infrastructure.

A Smart Home is…….

Is Scalable  Start with a room and over time; add devices to cover the entire home

Is Simple  Any device can be easily added in minutes

Is Easy to install  Does not require any rewiring - no new wires

Is Reliable  Smart Home systems are over ten years in the market

Is Secure  Same encryption as online banking

Is Affordable  No special wiring and DIY installation makes it easy and affordable.

Is Powerful  Manual commands, automated operation, confirmation acknowledgement

Is Intelligent  The Home will notify you of all happenings and let you know of the action taken…..