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Today's increased needs


In the last decade, the number of elderly population has increased significantly which affects us all in many aspects, especially in healthcare.elderly2


A common worry of the elderly as physical and mental abilities start to decline with age is that they will no longer be able to be self-sufficient. Moreover, the responsibility of the "mid-generation" to take care of aging parents has led to the need of better systems and processes for helping seniors. Solutions enabling seniors to live independently into their golden years is becoming a social necessity.


Emerging technology can facilitate self-care and extend the self-reliance of the ageing population. The care of elderly could be enhanced through monitoring system, sensor technologies and communication systems. 


Smart home technology can be especially useful for elderly or disabled persons who wish to live independently. Smart home technology has led the idea of ageing in place possible in which elderly person can maintain living independently in their homes and still be in control. Elderly persons can now take the advantages of smart home technology such as monitoring system, emergency system, dangerous kitchen appliance detection, gas detection and etc to maintain healthy and safety living while living independently


Different stages of life wellness all benefit from activity monitoring through Z-Wave. 





For seniors that are still highly independent, Z-Wave Connected Aging solutions provide transparent monitoring of household activity that signals healthy living, and automatically optimizes the residential environment for maximum safety and comfort.


For mid-functioning seniors that may be older, or living with chronic conditions that call for vigilant attention by family members, Z-Wave can provide quantified wellness information regarding eating, sleeping, mobility and other key wellness indicators, thus allowing for proactive interventions.


For seniors that depend on outside help and home care visitors, Z-Wave provides remote-controllable door and access control, as well as automated comfort and safety conditions.


We live in the era where "aging in place" is now a feasible option even for those experiencing health deterioration. With some careful planning, technological creativity and family support, elderly individuals can continue to live at their own homes into the autumn of life safely and comfortably.