Qubino Heat & Cool Thermostat

The Qubino Heat & Cool Thermostat is a Module for your 2- and 4-pipe Fan-Coil System.
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The Qubino Heat & Cool Thermostat is a Module for your Fan-Coil System.The Thermostat is able to control 2- and 4-pipe Fan-Coil Systems.

The Thermostat module can be connected with your existing Fan-Coil System. Thanks to the very small size of the module it can be mounted almost everywhere like in a wallbox. Besides the thermostat measures the temperature through a digital sensor.

The Thermostat from Qubino can be easily retrofitted. When the device is connected to your Fan-Coil System it can be switched with a wallswitch, binary sensor or over the Z-Wave technology. The thermostat can be connected with a Z-Wave gateway and then be time controlled or over a Smartphone. Besides the digital temperature sensor reports the temperature to the Z-Wave Gateway.



  • Z-Wave Plus
  • EU frequency: 868,42 MHz
  • Package content: 1x Heat & Cool Thermostat with temperature sensor
  • Power supply: 110-230V AC
  • Output power: 2x4A 230V AC / 2x4A 30V DC
  • Heating system: 2- and 4-pipe Fan Coil System
  • Digital temperaturesensor: -50°C ~ 125°C; Length: 100cm
  • Standby electricity consumption: 0,5 Watt