Heltun Heating Thermostat

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HELTUN Heating Thermostat is a Z-Wave Plus v2 700-series thermostat for electric heating, mainly applied to control electric underfloor heating, boilers, radiators, panel heaters, snow-melting systems, and electric fireplaces.

  • Real time power consumption measurement: you can understand how much your heating system consumes both in real time and daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Smart cost management: Intelligent comfort modes that maintain constant room temperature and allow for energy-saving scheduling
  • Thinnest on the market, just 9mm off the wall
  • Zero cross functionality saves the lifetime of both the device itself and your heating system
  • Don’t buy extra sensors: ambient light, humidity, and room temperature are already included to create custom scenarios
  • Work with any Z-Wave hub: you’re free to integrate it into your existing system or create your own based on your personal requirements


Compatible with: Aeotec, ComfortClick, Eedomus, Ezlo, Fibaro HC LITE, HC2, HC3, Jeedom, Home Assistant, Homey, Hubitat, RazBerry, SmartThings, Thinka, Zipato gateways and Z-Wave JS library



  • Front frame dimensions: 89x89x9mm
  • Back dimensions: 53x53x28mm
  • 3 frame colors: Silver, Black, White
  • 2 glass colors: White, Black (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue on request)
  • LCD: 72x42mm, black with white segments
  • 6 sensitive capacitive touch buttons
  • Power supply: 85VAC – 265VAC, 50Hz/60Hz or 24-48VDC
  • Maximum resistive load: 16A
  • Relay life time: 100 000 switches
  • Z-Wave Frequency: All countries
  • Z-Wave SDK: V7.11.1
  • Z-Wave Plus module: ZGM130S



  • Security levels: Non-Secure, S0, S2, S2 authenticated
  • Smart Start inclusion
  • 6 operation modes with individual temperature set point
  • 4 time schedule for morning, day, evening, and night
  • Choose a sensor for temperature regulation: NTC only, Room only, NTC + Room, Power Regulator (auto ON/OFF timer)
  • Built-in power consumption meter (hardware)
  • Embedded ambient light sensor
  • Embedded room temperature sensor
  • Embedded humidity sensor
  • NTC sensor is supplied with the device
  • Adjustable temperature hysteresis: 0.2°C - 10.0°C
  • Adjustable LCD brightness: Auto or Manual
  • Child lock
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Manual change of frequency