1. Terms of Use

1.1. Terms of Agreement

The Customer is obliged to read the terms of use before registering at the e-shop of MobileHome. The Customer accepts unconditionally the Terms of Use as these are in effect, at the time of their transaction.
E-shop of MobileHome maintains the right of unilateral modification of the Terms of Use, without any notification to the Customer, other than its publication in this corresponding web page.
In order for someone to become customer of the e-shop of MobileHome, he/she has to register by following the procedures under "Register" on the corresponding page of MobileHome.

1.2. Description of Service

The e-shop of MobileHome, is an independent electronic shop, with its own price policy, terms of payment, availability and delivery of products. The Customer may place orders in the e-shop, as long as he/she is registered. Registration takes place by selecting "Register", in the welcome web page of the e-shop. Customers need only register ONCE. A customer by using the unique combination of User Name and Password that he/she has declared, has the following options:

  • See the content of his cart. There is one cart for each customer at MobileHome’s e-shop. The customer can buy products, review the content of his cart (by entering username and password), or modify its content (delete products, change quantity).
  • See the orders that he/she has placed with the e-shop of MobileHome.
  • See old orders that he/she has placed with the e-shop of MobileHome.
  • Finalize his/her orders and pay depending on the methods of payment that are provided by the e-shop.
  • Modify the Customer Information of his Account.

1.3. Customer Information

1.3.a. Registration is necessary for the placement of order in the MobileHome’s e-shop. When registering as a New Customer at the e-shop of MobileHome, the following information is necessary. First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address, Postal Code, City-region, Country, Telephone, Fax, E-mail. The above customer information is essential for the e-shop to process the order and is only at the disposal of MobileHome in order to be used exclusively for completing the order of the customer.

1.3.b. The e-shop of MobileHome holds personal data of the customers that:

a. have placed an order on the e-shop.

b. have registered by using the pages of the e-shop. The collection of personal data is essential, in order for the transactions to be effected through the site, i.e. shipment of orders and receipt of special services such as history of orders, list of addresses etc.

1.3.c. MobileHome, will not distribute the electronic address of Customer or other personal data for marketing aims without the Customer’s consent. MobileHome reserves the right to use the personal data of the User, for the creation of personal content, services and advertisement relative to our web site.

The Customer, at any time, has the right to ask the immediate deletion of his personal data from MobileHome  databases, as long as both of the following conditions are fulfilled:

a. he/she has stopped using the services of MobileHome.

b. he/she does not have any debts to MobileHome.

1.4. Customer Obligations

The customer of the e-shop of MobileHome , is obliged:

1.4.a. Not to use the network of the e-shop of MobileHome , for actions, that may result in penal prosecution or the commencement of any civil or judicial action against MobileHome, for acts or omissions foreseen, notably but not exclusively, by the Penal Code, Special Penal Laws, Telecommunications Legislation, the Legislation of Personal Data protection as well as in the relative provisions or directives of European Union or National Committee of Telecommunications, of the Authority of the Protection of Personal Data and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.

1.4.b. To strictly adhere to the current rules and terms of use of the e-shop of MobileHome

2.4.c. To provide complete and accurate information at registration. The e-shop enables the customer to modify or update the above information so as to correspond to the current real personal information. In the case where inaccuracy in the information of registration of the Customer is detected, MobileHome , has the right to immediately deactivate the Customer’s account.

1.4.d. To confirm that he/she has logged out of the account at the end of each session. To keep secret and not to reveal to third parties his/her username and password provided by the e-shop of MobileHome. He/she is also obliged to inform immediately MobileHome via email at the e-mail address, of any unauthorised use of his/her code and password.

1.4.e. To provide correct information of Payment and Delivery of the placed orders at the e-shop of MobileHome. 

1.5. Service modification

MobileHome reserves all rights to modify or to discontinue the service temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. Use of the services of the e-shop, inherently entails the unequivocal acceptance of  the present written terms of use and acknowledgements of the fact that the e-shop of MobileHome  bears no responsibility what so ever to the Customer for any changes made, postponement or discontinuance of its service.

1.6. Products and Information - MobileHome responsibilities.

1.6.a. MobileHome, bears no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer, by the data transfer/exchange during the use of the services of the e-shop due to, Data loss, or Data reception, or Data reception loss, or Data reception delay, or Data distortion.

1.6.b. Any judicial or extra-judical disputes that may result out of contracts or sales made through the e-shop will exclusively concern the legitimate representatives of MobileHome.

1.6.c. MobileHome, is under no obligation to install the products of the e-shop.

2. Terms of Collaboration

2.1.Orders - Delivery

2.1.a. Οrder Placement. An order is finalised when the button “confirmation of order” is pressed. With this, the e-shop is informed of the placement of an order together with all relative information (order number, products, quantities, prices, customer information). At the same time the Customer receives a confirmation of order together with all relative information via an electronic message. With the “confirmation of order” a unique number is ceded in the order via which it is accessible from the Customer and the Shop.

2.1.b. Cost of order. The total cost of the order is determined by the net prices plus the corresponding VAT. These are clearly stated for each product of the Shop, as well as the transportation costs and the costs of packaging – if any. The customer is invoiced for the total cost of his order.

2.1.c. Order Delivery. The on time delivery of the order that a Customer has placed in the Shop constitutes exclusive responsibility of the owner of the e-shop, who has to inform the Customer by e-mail or any other means of communication.

1.1.d. Product Availability. MobileHome is not responsible for the non-availability of the products that are featured in the e-shop and must inform its customers of such a case. MobileHome is not accountable to the Customers for any damages that may result from the delay of delivery of order, unless an agreement of a delivery date was made. Such an agreement must ne in writing and confirmed by both parties. If the availability of a product has not been confirmed, together with its delivery date, MobileHome does not have any responsibility for the non-fulfillment of the order. The term “fulfillment” means the delivery of product to the transport company.

2.2. Personal data.

MobileHome, stores its customers personal data with the sole aim of better servicing them. Under no circumstances these will be given to other companies without your authorization. Your personal data are stored by us.

2.3. Security.

All transactions are carried out in secure environment with SSL 128 bit. encryption

2.4. Cancelation of order.

For any cancellation of order you must sent an email to This can be done before the fulfillment of your order. After the implementation of the order, cancellation is not possible.

2.5. Ways of payment.

For your own better service and convenience, our e-shop offers the following payment methods

  • Via Paypal, with your Paypal account and credit cards
  • via the bank (Alpha Bank) with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • via ‘’Cash on Delivery’’ method with full payment upon delivery of the goods. (currently disabled) This Service is available only to our customers with Delivery address in Greece. (not available with capital controls)

3. Shipment and Return -dispatch

3.1. Ways of Shipment

In order to best service its customers, the e-shop uses the following alternative ways of shipment:

A) Courier service B) Simple post

MobileHome is responsible for choosing the mode of transport. The dispatchment or delivery time in Greece is from three to ten days. . The delivery time for Europe is seven to ten days. These are valid depending on the availability of the product, either locally or at the manufacturer.

The cost of shipment is based on the country of destination– delivery address. MobileHome has a flat rate for shipment using four shipment zones regardless of size of goods:

1st zone. 15.00 € (18.60€ including Greek VAT 24%) is the shipment cost to all destinations in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, and UK.

2nd zone. 25.00€ (31.00 € including Greek VAT 24% if applicable) is the cost to all destinations in Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Estonia, Finnland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Lithuenia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and Ukrain.

3rd zone. Charge for all other destinations  is 50.00 € (62.00 € including Greek VAT 24%).

4th zone. 8.90 € (11.04€ including Greek VAT 24%) is the shipment to all destinations in Greece for delivery within 3 to 10 days.

48.00 € (59.52€ including Greek VAT 24%) is the shipment to all destinations in Greece for delivery within 3 days.

3.2. Product price
All prices shown include VAT 24%.
3.3. Products returns
Return of part or the entire order of the customer is acceptable only if MobileHome has incorrectly proceeded an order or any products of the order. In the case of a product being defective, this can be returned to the e-shop. Please contact us by sending an email to . The product support department will guide you on the best way to receive a fully operational product. For any other reasons, the acceptance of the return item is in the disgression of the company.

3.4. Products guarantee

Product guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

3.5. Refunds

Refunds are acceptable only if MobileHome is unable to execute the order.

3.6. Contacting the e-shop

The customer can contact the e-shop of MobileHome at which his order has been placed, by using the ‘’contact us’’ web page of the e-shop. In any case that a customer confirms that the given information, regarding the e-shop identity of MobileHome, is incomplete or / and incorrect or the shown products or services information (as the description and the main features of the products and the services), the charges and the payment methods are incomplete, misleading or incorrect, he/she can contact the e-shop of MobileHome at the

3.7. Right to withdraw.

The customer is entitled to withdraw his interest from this contract within 14 days without further explanation. This is valid for a period of 14 days. In order to proceed with his right of withdrawal, the customer must inform his decision to withdraw from the present sales contract with a clear letter (e.g., a letter will be sent by post or email). The customer shall bear the costs of returning the goods. MobileHome is entitled to delay the refund until all the goods are received. The customer shall be liable only for any reduction in value of the goods which may occur from handling that was not necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the goods. The right to withdraw does not apply when the customer is buying special promotional or discounted items that are valid only for certain dates.

3.8 Venue & Applicable Laws

Any difference, disagreement or claim resulted from the use of the e-shop of MobileHome, or the attached contracts of purchasing-selling of products and services, is governed by the Greek Justice and responsible for their settlement will be the Courts of the city of Athens, Greece.

3.9 Acceptance Terms

The customer declares that he explicitly and unreservedly accepts the above terms of use and also accepts to make any purchase by them. The terms of use of the transaction between the customer and the e-shop of MobileHome, has been read by both the customer and the representatives of the e-shop.

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