SmartThings Outlet (Type F)

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The smart Outlet Type F can switch electrical devices on or off. This allows you to integrate it into your smart network. For example, use the SmartThings Outlet to switch your fan on and off. You can control your connected devices with the SmartThings app and enjoy the comfort of your smart home.

Everything under control, no matter where you are. The Outlet is simply connected between the normal socket and the plug of the device. Control the Outlet via SmartThings app or simply with your voice from home or on the way.

Control your power consumption. With the SmartThings app, you can control how much power your connected devices use in real time. To save energy, you can automatically switch off connected devices at predefined times.

Each SmartThing Outlet is also a repeater that can relay signals from Zigbee and expand your smart home.


    • Control the power supply of non-Smart Home enabled devices
    • Obtain information on the power consumption of connected electrical appliances
    • Repeater function to extend the ZigBee network
    • Status LED display
    • Convenient control via smartphone
    • ZigBee HA 1.2


Snartthings, Vera Secure.