Z-Wave Temp/Leakage-Sensor

This product combines a temperature (freeze) sensor and a water leackage sensor.
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It is designed to be placed into the hidden angles of the home, e.g. pump sinks, corners of the washing machine etc.

It will provide a temperature information on request and will send out an alarm if water leakage is detected or if the temperature falls below a certain configurable level.

Typically this level will be zero degree to alert when water pipes may start freezing.

It is easily installed on any flat surface and as it is battery-operated requires no extra wiring. The alarm will flash its LED and send an alert to the central Z-Wave controller when it is time to change the batteries.


  • Dual Sensors: Water and temperature sensors
  • Push-button: Inclusion, and exclusion
  • LED: Battery level (low)
  • Power: 1x 3.6v 1/2AA, 1200mAh battery (ER14250 / LS14250 or equivalent)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 62 x 41 x 21mm