Sensative STRIPS Door / Window Sensor

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STRIPS by Sensative is an ultra-thin magnetic sensor designed to monitor and protect the status of windows or doors and report the data to the smart home controller. To do this the sensor can be mounted almost invisibly on frames of doors or windows. Sensative STRIPS consists of two components: The thin narrow strip is mounted on the window or door frame and the small square magnet is mounted on the movable part of the window or door. STRIPS is 19.5 cm long and only 3 mm thin, Z-Wave Plus certified and can also be used outdoors. Its built-in battery has a lifetime of at least 10 years.



    • Extremely thin sensor strip for doors and windows
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • Almost invisible mounting on frames of doors or windows 
    • Fixed installed battery with at least 10 years lifetime
    • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus


The rectangular / round magnets are accessories for the Sensative STRIP Door/Window Sensor.

he mounting plate is designed to support your installation of the Sensative Strip. If the installation of the sensor is difficult because of the distances between sensor and magnet, you can use the mounting plate to reduce the distance and make your Strip sensor work properly to detect the status of your window.