POPP CO Detector

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Carbonmonoxid is an unseen and deadly danger at home! Carbonmonoxid is poison and very insidious. You can not see it, you can not taste it and you can not smell it. The POPP CO Detector with integrated Z-Wave technology helps you to make your Smart Home even safer. The electro-chemical CO sensor controls air quality and warns reliably when CO exceeds a defined limit. In case of an alarm the devices causes loud sound  (85dB/3m) and reports the alarm as well as the current measured value to the Z-Wave control center. Furthermore the device has an own tamper protection.



  • Integrated 10years lithium battery
  • Alarm sound with 85dB/3m
  • Easy-Press-Button for easy test and muting
  • Memory function informs about previous CO detection
  • Separate LED signal lights for power supply, alarm mode and error report
  • BS EN 50270:2015, BS EN 60335-1:2012, BS EN 50291:2010
  • Firmware update during use in field