MobileHome provides services that include study, design and implementation of necessary works in residential and business buildings.

The company, in cooperation with leading manufacturers in the technology market and local business partners, develops and offers integrated automation systems over the Internet and mobile phone networks.
The integrated automation systems offer with incomparable user friendliness, possibilities and services such as:

- Management of energy consumption by continuous monitoring of the electrical appliances.

- Management and control of lighting, cooling / heating and window blinds.

- Management and control of security system with monitoring and remote control of motion sensors, smoke detectors and CCTV cameras.

- Management and control of water leakage and irrigation system.

- Management and control of access control systems for the entrance and exit of a building.


For all the equipment offered in our shop, we provide after sales support services and product replacement services. Replacement is possible only if the product is confirmed as defective after thorough examination in our test Laboratories.