Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum and Mop



The Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum and Mop is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function. The entry-level all-round cleaner offers you innovative technology and navigation (e.g. LIDAR, SLAM) as well as useful cleaning functions (e.g. "Smart-Cleaning" and "Spot-Cleaning").

For a very attractive price, the smart device offers adjustable suction strengths, an automatic charging function and operation via smartphone app and voice control. Thanks to its simple operation, the vacuuming and mopping robot from Tesvor is an ideal entry-level model for households with up to 150 m². The vacuuming robot with wiping function independently takes over the daily dry and wet cleaning of your home. It doesn't matter whether the surfaces to be cleaned are parquet, hard floors, tiles or carpets.

The Tesvor S6 has modern sensors (including LDS LIDAR) and smart functions that enable the device to map your living space in real-time. The S6 learns your surroundings and calculates the best cleaning route to avoid obstacles.

With the "Smart Cleaning" method, the robot vacuum first follows the outline of the area and then moves in S-shaped wavy lines from one side to the other. In this way, the device cleans much more efficiently and faster than other models. In "Spot Cleaning", the Robot Vacuum Cleaner starts at a selected point and moves outwards in a spiral. After 2 minutes of cleaning, the robot vacuum with wiping function stops automatically.

The Tesvor S6 has different suction strengths, which can be set according to your needs. The smart robot vacuum cleaner does dry and wet cleaning in one run. Please note that the robot can no longer cross door thresholds due to the water tank attachment. If there are doorsteps, it is better to plan the complete cleaning room-by-room.

The robot is controlled either via the Smartphone App (Android or iOS), via the included remote control or simply via Voice Control. In the app, you can set different cleaning modes for each room and also set up so-called restricted zones, e.g. where the robot vacuum cleaner should not wet-mop. This way, an entire room can be cleaned dry and wet in one pass, but the cleaning mode can be selected individually as desired.

If you would like to pause the Robot Vacuum Cleaner temporarily, there are two different options. Either you press "Pause" or you move the smart device to another place. If you start the cleaning process again, the S6 automatically returns to its original point and continues cleaning.

But that's not all, as the robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function automatically detects when its battery is low and returns to the charging station on its own.



    • Intelligent Laser and Gyroscope SLAM Navigation
    • Suction power: 2,700 PA
    • Wifi Contact: Yes
    • Vacuum and Mop in One
    • Electronic water tank: 350 ml
    • Powerful fan, double brushes and effective air filter
    • NIDEC brushless motor
    • Quiet during cleaning despite high performance
    • Suitable for pet hair
    • Fall protection
    • OTA technology
    • Multi-surface cleaning from hard floors to medium-high carpets
    • Automatic return to charging station
    • Charging time: 240 to 360 minutes
    • Maximum Runtime: Up to 120 minutes
    • Control via remote control, app (iOS, Android) or voice
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
    • Operating Noise: Li-ion battery (2,500 mAh)
    • Volume: < 70 dB
    • Dust container capacity: 600 ml
    • Barrier-cross Height: 18 mm
    • Virtual Wall: Magnetic Strip Tape or mapping function
    • Filter:3-fold HEPA filter technology
    • Scope of delivery: S6 Robot Vacuum and Mop, charging station, main brush, manual, adapter, filter, remote control unit, water tank, cloth, 2x side brushes