EnviR unit - CT clamp

One of the most intelligent monitor of energy used is the EnviR, which is built with the C2 technology.

The EnviR has been designed to assist you in identifying energy usage and in turn wastage. With all the monitoring features of the ENVI this third generation monitor takes a step further and has 100% accurate meter reading competence. (requires a Current Cost OptiSmart Reader)
One of the most intelligent monitor to date is the EnviR, which is built with the C2 technology so is able to communicate with any existing Current Cost device. Users can now monitor their electricity usage at home or, when teamed with the Current Cost NetSmart and Current Cost web dashboard they can access the data anytime, anywhere.

EnviR – Specifications

For more information on the data output of the EnviR, please see further info HERE.
Viewable Screen: 7.3cm x 9cm
Retail Package Size: 18.3cm x 6.8cm x 37cm
Internal Power Requirement: Mains block power adaptor (less than 1 Watt)
Physical Format: Table-top
Energy Monitored: Electricity (gas, LPG, oil and water in development)
Receiver: 433MHz SRD band
Communication Platform:  C2 architecture
Sensor Coding Recognition: 10 channels
Recognition Method: User Initiated - seeks 4,096 possibilities
Number of Permitted Sensors: 10
Display: Liquid Crystal segmented display
Backlight: No
LCD mode: Positive reflective -12:00 view
Main services: Energy usage and current cost in £’s
Subordinate Services:  Room Temperature (0-29oC)
WT Reception Licence Required: No

Graphical representation of energy usage
PC connection for streaming data for 10 channels
Ability to receive accurate usage from utility meter
Tariff pre-set at prevailing rate (issued by the purchaser) Adjustable to 99.9p