Electricity / Gas meters

You can't manage what you don't measure
W. Edward Deming

Have you ever wondered how much it is costing you to leave your TV on stand-by, or to run your air conditioner?
The electrical power meters help us realize the real-time power consumption in our everyday life. If all of us were to switch off unwanted appliances (instead of leaving then on stand-by mode), at the end of the year we would not only save money but we would help the CO2 global problem.
All power meters shown are Zwave enabled and can interact with other Zwave devices. You can now monitor the consumption of every single appliance in your home as well as the total consumption, real time. Keeping all the reading as historical data we can check on peaks and why they occurred, compare between days etc.
Combining Electricity and Gas consumed we calculate our total needs and hence the carbon footprint of our home