Shelly Pro 3-phase 3-channel relay

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Shelly Pro 3 is a three-phase, 3-channel relay supporting up to 48A total output and 16A per channel. It’s equipped with potential-free outputs (dry contacts) and can switch 3 completely independent circuits, including 3-phase ones. Shelly Pro 3 is enhanced with scripting functionalities, allowing users to set custom automation scenes based on various occurrences such as weather forecast, wind force forecast, etc. Enjoy easy office, home, and facility automation!

It can be used with Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connection. The relay is mounted on a DIN rail in your breaker box. The Shelly Pro 3 offers enhanced security features and is compatible with most popular home automation platforms.

Endless use applications.
With the power to control and Shelly Pro 3 can work standalone or be complementary to any existing automation project. Here are just a few applications worth considering for your home, business facility, or office building: Lights automation, garage door control, 3-phase heater automation, 3-phase pupms control and 3rd party DC systems control.

Highly compatible.
Use your preferred voice assistant to control Shelly Pro 3. Shelly Pro 3 is compatible with most popular voice assistants.

No hub required.
Shelly Pro 3 can be controlled directly and without a hub through your smartphone with Shelly Cloud App. Manage and control your home or facility, set scenes, schedules, and adjust settings wherever you are through the Cloud access, or only on the local network!



  • Dry contacts
  • Power supply AC: 110 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • DC switching
  • 3-phasе control
  • Wide variety of appliances control: Suitable for controlling and measuring the consumption of lights, appliances, pool system, heaters, and many more.
  • Bluetooth: Add devices quickly and easily via Bluetooth connection, using Shelly Cloud App.
  • No hub required: Control directly without a hub through your smartphone with Shelly Cloud App
  • Highly compatible: Use with your preferred home automation platforms and voice assistants.
  • Works with Aeotec Smart Home Hub, SmartThings and Homey
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant