Aeotec Smart Switch 7

Smarter. Safest. Smaller still.
58,01 €
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Smarter. Safest. Smaller still. 

Plug it. Automate it. Control it. Understand how much elctricity you are spending. Smart Switch 7 is Aeotec's smallest smart plug and is also everyone's safest.

Intelligence is in control. Appliances turn on when needed and off when not. On a schedule. Or intelligently automated and triggered when needed. You are completely in control. It is smart because it can be automated. But it's also a smart plug because the power to turn it on or off manually is always yours. 

In real time and with 99% accuracy, Smart Switch 7 will analyse appliances electricity consumption helping you save what you spend. Furthermore the Smart Switch 7 is one of the best in design and quality. European design, German engineering and SGS certfication make Smart Switch 7 the smallest and safest smart plug. 


  • Energy measuring function
  • Only 42mm wide
  • Input: 230V 50Hz
  • Max. Output current: 10A (resistive load)
  • Max. Output Power: 2300W 
  • Smart Start and Security S2 Standard
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Energy measuring accuracy: 300W: +-1%
  • 11A over current protection
  • CE EN60950 and EN301489 certifictaion to protect devices against voltage strikes
  • Standby power: 0.6W