Z-Wave Dimmer Plug for Schuko

The TKBETZ67-G is a dimmer plug that can be placed between a wall outlet for Schuko Plug and electric devices, plugged in by cord.
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The TKB plug Dimmer you can switch On and Off all lamps at any time wirelessly.

In connection with a Z-Wave Gateway and the TKB Plug you can also set timers for your lamps to switch them to a specific time. On one side that increases the comfort and on the other side it makes your home safer because you can simulate presence scenes even when you are not at home. 

You can also set different preconfigured light levels in your TKB Plug. Then you can easily switch between those preset values by pushing the button on the TKB plug Dimmer. By using the preset values you can set different light level scenes like Dinner-scene, TV-scene or Sleeping-scene.


  • Allows wireless dimming and switching of the connected lights
  • Direct connection to a poweroutlet to switch 230V (AC). The button on the module can also be used as a manual On- and Off-Switch.
  • Childlock: The local button can be deactivated by the Z-Wave gateway, so local turning on of the connected lamp is not possible anymore
  • The TKB Dimmer is used automatically as a repeater in the Z-Wave network. Because of that it increases the range of your network to cover your whole home



  • Electrical power 230V, 50HZ
  • Electrical load 300W, (only for lights, not for motors or other things)
  • Range up to 30m, visible line between wireless controller or the next repeater module