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Co-oping with everyday life


The advantages from the use of a smart home system for monitoring and alerting purposes are numerous.elder01


Intelligent Monitoring of Daily Patterns

Utilizing inexpensive sensors, Z-Wave can accumulate and share data pertaining to daily wellness activity, ranging from simple ambulation patterns (did the elder walk around today?) to how many times a medicine chest has been opened, or how many times the bathroom has been accessed. This allows the remote family member to be alerted to any abnormalities in living patterns for loved ones aging in place.


Interior Geofencing And Location


By intelligent placement of sensors, certain areas can be set up in the home and alerts for occupancy or non-occupancy situations, thus being alerted to any dangers or signs of abnormal activity. For example, sensors can send notifications that a stairwell has been accessed going down but not up (indicating a possible fall), or know that no room outside of the bedroom has been accessed (indicating non-activity). You can choose the interval, the monitored times and who is to be notified. Use this to get an alert if a loved one does not appear active when expected.


All this is very useful for people who could maybe do with a little assistance, perhaps because of age or infirmity. The system can automatically manage certain aspects of their home and with an internet connection you can keep a passive check on their environment for comfort or get alerts if something is not right. It is not a substitute for calling in to see them but when that’s not possible this provides some peace of mind.


For persons with restricted mobility being able to control lights and various other appliances from a Smartphone or Tablet PC may provide greater convenience and control of their environment. Motion or door sensors can also be used for lighting control in conjunction with remote operation by Smartphone or Tablet PC. Using the Controller Wi-Fi port with a Smartphone or Tablet eliminates the dependency (and data charges) on mobile broadband when used within the home.


The use of such a system can

  • Help you realize your family member's activity patterns daily activity get an alert if it's out of the ordinary.
  • Increase your awareness, making sure your loved one is getting up and moving around.
  • Alert you if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house at odd hours.
  • Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings.


Below please find additional devices that may be required, either to cover additional existing facilities or extend the pre-configured system to include extra capabilities.