Electronic locks and bells

ZWave technology makes possible to anyone to connect to his home and control the electronic lock from anywhere in the world through the Internet or his mobile phone internet provider. Of course, you can always use your keys to open the door. No more keys under the doorstep or the pot with the flowers...
Associate the lock with the door sensor, the lights, the camera, the siren and start building your security system tailored to your home and actual needs.
Install a ZWave wireless bell and you can monitor all visitors while you are away (associating the camera pictures with the door bell).
Finally, be informed of all the above through mail in your mobile phone.




ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave

The ABUS HomeTec Pro Z-Wave is the ideal solution for house ...

Sales price: 208,39 €
Sales price without tax: 168,06 €
Tax amount: 40,33 €

Danalock V3

The Danalock is a doorlock with a integrated motor, which ...

Sales price: 213,59 €
Sales price without tax: 172,25 €
Tax amount: 41,34 €

Electronic door opener controller

With the first Z-Wave controlled door opener the house ...

Sales price: 68,14 €
Sales price without tax: 54,95 €
Tax amount: 13,19 €

Electronic door opener controller incl. strike lock

The device replaces the existing door opener, communicates ...

Sales price: 106,28 €
Sales price without tax: 85,71 €
Tax amount: 20,57 €


The Keypad is the first Z-Wave enabled and outdoor Keypad ...

ZWave Door Lock with Handle

The ZM 1702 is a wireless electronic Z-Wave controllable ...

Sales price: 266,29 €
Sales price without tax: 214,75 €
Tax amount: 51,54 €

ZWave Door Lock without Handle

The ZM 1701 is a Z-Wave controllable door lock without ...

Sales price: 207,87 €
Sales price without tax: 167,64 €
Tax amount: 40,23 €