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Managing Crisis situations


Remote Control of Interior Environments

With Z-Wave control, light, temperature and other systems throughout the residence can be controlled remotely. Motorized shades ensure that elderly parents aren't sitting in the dark because shades are too heavy or high to reach. Temperature is 24/7 monitored ensuring there is appropriate heat or air conditioning and through water sensors know and that grandma or grandpa hasn't accidentally left the water in the bathtub running.



Remote Access Control

In many cases, the elderly are visited on an ongoing basis by outside parties that contribute to their well being, including home health aides, visiting nurses and family and friends that stop by for assistance and socialization. With a Z-Wave controllable lock, doors can schedule times to be unlocked / opened for these parties and know when they have arrived. They can also remotely allow unexpected visitors, or emergency health aid.



These are only a few examples of what Z-Wave can do to empower independent aging in place. The devices and systems that make up this connected aging environment are discreet, accessible, and easily integrated into the home. Together, they create a complete picture of observable patterns and actionable data that provides a level of security and decision-making ability that was previously unattainable outside of a senior care facility.