Aeotec Zi-Stick (Zigbee)

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Run your smart home locally, privately and cloud-free. 


Aeotec Zi-Stick (Zigbee) lets you build your own Smart Home automation gateway using Zigbee 3.0 technology. 

The Zi-Stick is independent from platforms. Host platforms like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, BeagleBone, PC’s or Laptops can be transformed into universal Zigbee gateways connecting Zi-Stick to the USB interface. 

Zi-Stick is used in combination with Home Automation software. Software solutions like Home Assistant, openHab or Zigbee2MQTT are just some common solutions, which work with the Zi-Stick. 

Control and smart up your sensors, lights or switches. A huge variety of Zigbee products from different vendors can be connected to the Zi-Stick.

Automate and manage your Zigbee Smart Home. With the home automation software you can create scenes and rules, which will increase your comfort and safety at home. In combination with certain Zigbee devices, you can precisely analyze and optimize your energy consumption in the software’s user interface. Besides that your heating system can be smartened up and increase your comfort and energy efficiency. 



  • Zigbee technology
  • 2.4GHz globally recognised frequency
  • Zigbee compatible microcontroller EFR32MG21 inside
  • Rx sensitivity: -99dBm
  • Max Tx power: 13dBm
  • Open area range: 200m
  • USB interface with standard NCP commands from Silicon Labs. Easy to use as Serial Port on the Host machine (PC/laptop/single board computers)
  • Multiple plugins for openHAB, Home Assistant, Node-RED and other DIY platforms C, Node.js and Python libraries to build your own application