Aeotec Z-Stick - USB Adapter with Battery Gen5+

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That’s your simple entry into the world of smart home: Plug the Aeotec Z-Stick - USB Adapter with Battery Gen5+ into your PC, Notebook, Barebone, Raspberry Pi etc. and turn it into a Z-Wave smart home control center. The control of the Z-Wave network is realized via ‘Z-Wave Serial AP’ (according to ‘Z-Wave Application Programmers Guide, INS10247’).

It’s also used by well-known Z-Wave control programs such as IP Symcon, Homeseer etc. This allows you to use the Aeotec Z-Stick universal with other Z-Wave software solutions. 

Thanks to the integrated battery, you can also include or exclude any devices in your Z-Wave network by pushing on the local button, when PC or Notebook is turned off.



  • Z-Wave controller as USB stick 
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • SmartStart enabled
  • S2 Security
  • Includes a backup battery 
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 or older versions and also with Windows, Linux and iOS
  • Manages up to 232 Z-Wave devices
  • Universally usable with various Z-Wave software solutions