Z-Wave USB Stick

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The UZB stick from Z-Wave.Me is the counterpart to the Aeotec Stick Gen5+ and can be connected to a PC, Notebook, Barebone, Raspberry Pi or similar platform and create a Z-Wave network via its integrated antenna. This way, the PC will become a Z-Wave smart home control center. A third-party controller software, compatible to the Sigma Designs Serial API, is required to use the functions of the device. The third-party software plus this UZB realize a static controller to manage and use Z-Wave devices of various vendors. This stick works with all certified Z-Wave devices regardless of its vendor or date of origin. The Sigma Designs Serial API specification is available to all owners of a Sigma Designs Z-Wave SDK.

Please note that this product does not include a Z-Wave.Me’s Z-Way license for "Z-Way" – the first certified Z-Wave controller software.



  • USB-Stick turns PC, Notebook etc. into a Z-Wave gateway
  • Manages up to 232 Z-Wave devices
  • Works with all certified Z-Wave devices, independent from manufacturer and age
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 16 x 35 x 7 mm