Window and door blinds (shutters) but also motorized screens can be controlled wirelessly via Z-Wave.

To do this the conventional analogue dual paddle (Up/Down) switch for motor control is replaced by a Z-Wave enabled wall switch or insert.
Window blind controls are typically offered as flush-mounted socket with switching paddles for local operation or as pattress box insert.

Individual blinds or a group of blinds can be controlled wirelessly. Together with a wireless control center the blind control can be made dependent on certain day times such as sunset and sunrise. 



DIN Rail mounting for x Fibaro Relais

DIN Rail mounting for Fibaro Relays Switches.

Eutonomy Din Rail Adapters

The euFIX adapters bring more professionalism to your Smart ...

MCO Home Glass Touch Shutter

Make your home smarter as well as more stylish.

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 150,04 €
Sales price without tax: 121,00 €
Tax amount: 29,04 €

Qubino Roller Shutter Insert 12-24V DC

The Qubino Flush Shutter DC is ideal for controlling the ...

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 61,80 €
Sales price without tax: 49,84 €
Tax amount: 11,96 €

Qubino Roller Shutter Insert 2*1 kW with energy meter

The ZMNHCD1 is used to control the motor of blinds, ...

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Sales price: 61,17 €
Sales price without tax: 49,33 €
Tax amount: 11,84 €

Chain Drive for Pivot Windows (230V)

The ZWS230 chain motor is thanks to its small dimensions ...

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Sales price: 294,50 €
Sales price without tax: 237,50 €
Tax amount: 57,00 €

Relay Insert Blind

The Philio Roller Shutter Controller insert allows ...

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Sales price: 49,23 €
Sales price without tax: 39,70 €
Tax amount: 9,53 €

Fibar Blind Control Insert 2

The Fibar Insert Motor Control FIBEFGR-222 allows ...

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Sales price: 66,61 €
Sales price without tax: 53,72 €
Tax amount: 12,89 €