OOMI MultiSensor

It can be used for applications in the area of security, automation or monitoring.
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Your home is a Smart Home if the devices can respond to different happenings in realtime. This various sensors are neccessary. In the OOMI MultiSensor are included 6 various sensors in one device.

It can be used for applications in the area of security, automation or monitoring. The OOMI MultiSensor offers many functions, so you are very flexible in using and installing it. As power supply you can use the delivered USB cable or you choose the battery operated variant - the multisensor customizes to your requirements. 


Motion sensor

You can use the motion sensor for security applications as well as for automation applications. The OOMI MultiSensor recognizes motions in a range of 5 metres and a 100° field of view. To optimize your energy costs you could control your heating management for example or switch off the light if nobody is in the room.


Temperature sensor

A constant room temperature is significant for the comfort and also for the enrgy costs. With the OOMI MultiSensor you can ensure, that the temperature is absolutely perfect everytime. If it is to warm open the motorized window and if it is to cold turn up the heating automatically. The temperature sensor is able to measure temperatures in a range between 0°C and 40°C (32 to 104°F) and reports temperature changes back to the Smart Home Gateway.


Humidity sensor

No one would like to sweat or have to cough the whole time in the living room. This will never happen with the OOMI MultiSensor. The small sensor measures the relative humidity range of 20-80% and reports the datas also to the gateway. Depending on this motorized windows can open or the air dehumidifiers can start with help of a smart plug automatically. 


Light sensor

Control the brightness of your bulb or the opening and closing of the shutters depending on the light intensity - this means to live in a Smart Home. The integrated light sensor in the OOMI MultiSensor measures the level of light in your rooms and your home control system is able to react on them. 


UV sensor

The OOMI MultiSensor accurately measures the level of ultraviolet light which is the kind of light which is responsible for eye damages or furniture bleaching. If the level exceeds the limit values the sensor will detect it and close the shutters or shades automatically.


Vibration sensor

The OOMI MultiSensor contains a seismic sensor which detects and reports event-based vibrations. It monitors the environment and also itself, because the device knows if an intruder is tampering with it or if the sensor has moved from its place of installation. 



  • Multisensor with 6 integrated functions
  • Reporting datas to the gateway in a defined time slot (battery operated variant) or in realtime (USB cable variant)
  • Power supply: USB cable or 2x batteries CR-123
  • Scope of delivery: OOMI MultiSensor, mount, power cable
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus


Clue: This product is compatible to Z-Wave Gateways. For detailed information please refer to the compatibility list in the product description. For the manual and parameter settings please refer to the AEOTEC Multisensor 6